The professionals at Katz & Loizeaux Forensic Services act in a variety of roles intended to assist families involved in contested Family Court matters involving children.

Parent Responsibilities Evaluations (PRE)

Parental Responsibility Evaluators are Court Appointed professionals. In the Colorado Revised Statutes (C.R.S.), this role is defined by statute in Title 14 (Domestic Relations), Article 10 (Uniform Dissolution of Marriage Act), Section 127 (Evaluation and Reports). An evaluation may be requested when parents are unable to make agreements regarding the allocation of decision-making and/or parenting time for their minor children. The professional conducts an evaluation of the family, writes a summary report, and provides recommendations concerning decision-making responsibility, parenting time, and other considerations.

Parental Responsibility Evaluations are used to address complex family situations where there have been multiple problems or allegations and significant differences between parents in what type of decision-making and parenting time arrangements they believe would best serve their children’s needs. There may have been allegations of abuse, parent alienation, highly problematic parenting, and/or concerns about emotional/mental health functioning or substance abuse. A parent’s request to relocate with their children is also well suited for a Parental Responsibility Evaluation.

Consultation Services

Consultation to Attorneys

Dr. Les Katz and Dr. Andrew Loizeaux each provide work product reviews of other mental health professionals’ work as a consultation service to attorneys. Typically, this involves reviewing a Child and Family Investigator report or a Parental Responsibility Evaluation report and providing verbal feedback to the retaining attorney. The attorney may then request that we review the underlying data, write a report of our opinions, and/or assist in trial preparation.

Consultation to Parents

Katz & Loizeaux Forensic Services, LLC provides consultations to parents who are trying to devise parenting time plans that best serve their children. Our staff has expertise in a variety of areas including child development and attachment, parenting, family systems and dynamics, and special needs children. We use a mixed assessment, intervention and education model, working with families to figure out what services best fit their specific goals and circumstances and meet their children’s specific needs. We provide parents with ways about thinking about their children and their family situation designed to help them work through impasses they’ve reached regarding the best interests of their children.

Consultation to CFIs, Parenting Coordinators, Decision-Makers, and Mediators

Katz & Loizeaux also consults with other court-appointed professionals. In these cases, the court-appointed professional will be the one requesting our services and asking parents to contact us. We will often be asked to communicate with and provide information to the referring professional. Services provided include:

  • Psychological Assessment of Parents
  • Psychological Assessment of Children
  • Parent/Child Relationship Evaluation